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Tired of waiting rooms and scheduling hassles? Dominion is your one-stop solution for convenient telehealth consultations. Connect with experienced doctors and specialists instantly through our user-friendly platform. Enjoy secure virtual visits, easy appointment scheduling, and all your medical data managed in one secure place. Experience the future of healthcare, today! Schedule your Dominion Telehealth appointment now.

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Skip the wait, get the care you need! Dominion connects you to a network of trusted healthcare professionals, ready to assist you with routine check-ups, specialized care, and everything in between. Experience personalized healthcare from the comfort of home with our reliable telemedicine services. Explore Dominion Telehealth today and see how we can simplify your healthcare journey!

  • Instant Consultations: Get medical advice and prescriptions without leaving your couch.
  • Specialist Referrals: Connect with renowned specialists for in-depth assessments and treatment plans.
  • Health Monitoring: Track your progress and manage chronic conditions with personalized care plans.
  • Getting hormone replacement therapy and weight loss prescriptions from the comfort of your home.
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Empowering Healthcare with Connectivity

The Dominion Telehealth app connects you with qualified healthcare professionals in just a few taps. Get virtual consultations and secure messaging, all from your smartphone or tablet. Experience convenient, quality healthcare anytime, anywhere.

  • Accordion Icon Seamless Video Consultations:

    With our application, experience seamless video consultations with professional docotrs from the comfort of your own space. Our intuitive interface ensures a smooth experience, allowing you to discuss your health concerns with clarity and ease.

  • Accordion Icon Secure Messaging Platform:

    Our secure messaging platform enables you to stay connected with your doctor at all times. Whether you have questions about your treatment plan or need quick telehealth advice, you can send messages securely and receive timely responses, ensuring continuous remote support and guidance..

  • Accordion Icon Efficient Doctor-Patient Communication:

    Efficient doctor-patient communication is key to effective telehealth delivery. Our application facilitates clear and direct communication between doctors and patients, helping to streamline virtual consultations and ensure that your healthcare needs are met efficiently and effectively.

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Our App has everything!

Our app offers a seamless telehealth experience, providing everything you need. From an intuitive design to robust functionality, we've got you covered for all your online healthcare needs. With features like virtual consultations, secure medical data management, and easy appointment scheduling, our app ensures you receive professional telemedicine services from the comfort of your home. Experience the future of remote healthcare with Dominion Healthcare.

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What our happy Patients says about us:

I had an excellent experience with the Dominion Healthcare app. It was my first time seeking online medical advice, and it turned out to be incredibly convenient and helpful.
Using the Dominion Healthcare app was a positive experience. The process was straightforward, and I found it very useful for my healthcare needs.
Dominion Healthcare has been a game-changer for me. The ability to consult with doctors online has made managing my health so much easier.

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  • 1 regular extension
  • 10 active sessions at once
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$ 49 /mo

  • 10 domain licenses
  • unlimited downloads per month
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  • 200 active sessions at once
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